Rights for All
Engage candidates online

We want to show candidates the depth and breadth of support for civil rights and civil liberties issues nationwide. We want them to feel pressure so that they take bold positions on critical issues. While voters in early states will have the opportunity to meet candidates face to face at town halls and small town halls. You can engage with them where they will also be — online!

Candidates are using social media to reach out to voters, and we’re going to use it to reach them.

We want you to ask compelling questions online because it will show support for these issues —

  • Candidates will see it because they often run their own Twitter accounts.
  • Campaign staff will see that there are many questions on similar topics, which will put pressure on staff to have an answer.
  • Reporters will see that people across the country are asking similar questions which can amplify how candidates are talking about our issues.

In a best case scenario, candidates will also engage back by answering your question!


  • Add your state to your twitter bio. If they can imagine you as a voter in a certain area, you’ll get more credibility.
  • If you feel comfortable sharing, tell a personal story related to the issue personal story to make your question more compelling.
  • Use #RightsForAll and #ACLUVoter
  • Strike a friendly tone — candidates are more likely to retweet or respond to things that don’t feel adversarial.
  • Watch for when candidates have Instagram or Facebook live’s so you can comment in real time — the candidate and campaign staff will be monitoring.


  • Don’t engage back with trolls — they are just trying to get a rise out of people. Our goal isn’t to persuade people who are just looking to pick a fight, our goal is to focus on moving a candidate on our issues.
  • Don’t represent yourself as staff of ACLU — being a volunteer and voter is more important here!

When a candidate responds

Respond thanking them for their response, and ask a follow up question if appropriate. If you don’t know what the best follow up question is, email us at team@peoplepower.org and we can help you draft a response!

Take a screenshot immediately, and send the screenshot and link to team@peoplepower.org.

Sample questions:

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Read more about ACLU’s work on immigrants’ rights.

Read more about ACLU’s work on Reproductive Freedom.

Read more about ACLU’s work on Voting Rights.

Talk to the candidates!